Chic Dahlia

a wedding professional for the professional


Chic Dahlia provides wedding planning services for the millennial couple in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Chic Dahlia is not just another wedding planning business.

Her foundation starts with one, smart, meticulous, committed, hardworking, legal drug dealer, and soon-to-be bride.

Chic Dahlia is wedding planning and execution at its finest.

Wedding day management

Congratulations! You have reserved ALL your vendors and ALL your venues already. Now you just need someone to make sure your hard work is executed the way you envisioned!


  • We are at your service 90 days before your wedding day. We believe a lot of minute details can be missed if a planner enters the process too close to the big day. 
  • We review all of your vendor contracts to make sure everything is correct and if it is in your best interest, make any negotiations on your behalf if allowed by the contracted vendors and venues.
  • We communicate with essential bridal party members.
  • We contact your professionals for arrival times, end times, and to confirm final details.
  • We attend and direct your wedding rehearsal.

Package price starts at $2500