Chic Dahlia

a wedding professional for the professional


Chic Dahlia provides wedding planning services for the millennial couple in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Chic Dahlia is not just another wedding planning business.

Her foundation starts with one, smart, meticulous, committed, hardworking, legal drug dealer, and soon-to-be bride.

Chic Dahlia is wedding planning and execution at its finest.

Custom Package

We get it.

Wedding planning is overwhelming.

Share your vision with us so we can help bring it to life!


  • This package includes “wedding day management” features.

  • If you desire, an in-person monthly check-in meeting can be arranged if you are located in Philadelphia. Our wedding planners are very technology savvy and we can coordinate via email if it is more convenient for you. After a series of phone calls and emails, your wedding planner will summarize all important information in a summary document so everyone in the wedding planning process is aware of our progress.

  • Through a series of questionnaires and consultations, your wedding planner will see where you left off in the planning process and clarify what your expectations are for us.

Package price starts at $2500

Since the wedding day managment package is included, your custom package starts at that price. Check out our process to see how we customize our packages.